A bit about me

I paint crooked trees, messy flowers, wacky quilt squares, centaurs and hummingbirds. There is a regiment of brushes and bottles on my light table. Across the studio my new kiln dominates a corner. It waits there with its mouth open.

I have learned to mix the pigments and burn the scrub brushes. I have found the perfect cut liner, My used copy machine has already saved countless design hours. The five deep windows in my studio are nearly filled with my work. Life sketches cover the walls. Glass chips cover the floor. I probably have too many tools, more glass than I will ever use and more extension cords than I ought to.

I am available for custom work and welcome inquiries. Please get in touch by going the "How to contact me" page. Or click HERE to send me an email.

Many thanks to Daniel Cohen, my husband and webmaster, for his wonderful work putting this site together and his support though the many trials of starting down a new path. He is my biggest fan, my best friend, my safe place.