Images are painted onto clear soft colored glass. Each section is a small portrait of one of this client’s favorite Adirondack animals or plants.

Custom painted windows like this one can add a very personal statement to your home.

Day lilies - Photographed in my own garden and painted with loose fast strokes.

Chickadee - One of my favorite birds.

Burnt Orange Bollete - edible but a little bitter until it is cooked thoroughly.

Chipmunk - cute little tulip-bulb-eater.

Mountain Lady Slipper - the orchid of the forest

Beaver - this image painted almost entirely with a small comb.

Indian Pipes - interesting plant. Uses surrounding fungus to access nutrients from nearby green plants. Clever!

Loon - If you paddle very slowly and are very quiet you can get up pretty close. Can you tell I love my kayak?