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The Victor Project

This is a huge panel (over 8'X6') installed in the Victor building in Camden, New Jersey. The building was the old manufacturing and shipping center for the RCA Victor Company. It fell vacant for many years and is now being fully renovated to luxury apartments. Above is a photo of the sample created for the owners before starting the project.

The Victor Building with its massive stained glass in the tower is visible and identifiable from miles away. My design for the lobby became a fusion of the powerful image in the tower and my cleaner, more portrait-like vision for the lobby.

After many drawings, negotiations and redesigns I got started. I built a large panel made up of six individual pieces; all fit into a solid steel grid for support.

There were a few special challenges. Usually stained glass is viewed from the front with strong light from behind. Dranoff Properties needed this stained glass to be viewed and lit from both sides. This requires much more careful glass selection.

My glass fabrication process is nearly identical to the process created by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 1900's. Cutting the glass is done using the old-fashioned scribe-type cutters. Then each piece is ground smooth and its edges carefully wrapped in copper foil. Much greater detail is possible this way than with the older "lead came" method.

Another part of the larger piece is this panel with the words "The Victor" in bold black and white glass. This photo was taken just after copper foil was applied around each edge of all the pieces. Next this was soldered where all the copper strips hold it all together. Heavy zinc framing is added after that to make the whole thing strong enough to travel to Camden. The size of this panel required a bit of special engineering in order to properly support its own weight. A custom steel frame and grid was build by these talented guys at Artisans of the Anvil. Here is a link to their website. They do amazing creative wrought metal work.
Here, Andrew Mollenero, owner of Artisans of the Anvil and Daniel, my husband, are part of the team installing this big panel. The Victor project was exciting and satisfying on many levels. After installing the lobby panel, I stepped back and got the sense that it had always been there.